Emotional Hardcore.

The Revolution Summer Edit

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In 1985 punks started playing more melodic mid-tempo music with more introspective lyrics. Typical bands of this era: Rites of Spring, Embrace and Moss Icon.

Bands continue today to play emo resembling this style. In the 90s Far were head of the pack playing this stuff, and nowadays we've got bands like Venomous off of PA.

Screamo Edit

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The Kinsella Brothers Edit

Midwest emo, please.

Midwest Emo Edit

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Emo violence Edit

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Progressive emo Edit

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Emotronica Edit

Emotronica is a joke. In Norway some artists in the emo community started playing blipblop music. The music didn't really have anything to do with emo (though the lyrics have some emo, and the track titles are definitely emo), but the tag was coined because the artists were from the emo community. The "genre" was first used (in this sense) by Alexander Berntsen of indietrash.

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